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People will always try to tell you what they think is right. And sometimes you’ll believe them, but most times you won’t. You’ll think you’ll know what’s best for you. So you ignore it and move on making your own decisions. Later down the road, you’ll realize that some of those things people tried to tell you, were right. But that’s not what’s important. It’s important that you made your own decisions. It’s important that you chose your own path. It’s important that in the end you learned from your mistakes, and that you picked up the pieces and kept going. And often times we forget that having people who truly care to stick with us, even when they know it won’t end well, is really important, too. It’s those people that will stick with you until the end. Those are the people that would rather have you learn than get to be right. Those are some of the most important people in your life. What you do in your life, what you learn, and lose, is what makes you who you are in this world. And who you choose to include in that, can make you all the better.

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